My Dancing Life

 I was just a little girl in preschool when I first started dancing. I took ballet in an after school club and I loved it. We had shows for the parents to watch and I practiced everyday. When I decided to move on, I tried gymnastics. I hated it and
I would always cry and get nervous when it was time to go. I wanted to quit so bad I begged my parents, but they wouldn’t allow me.

When I first moved to Scarsdale NY, I was in kindergarten  I did cheerleading for A year and then decided I didn’t want to do it anymore, because the coaches would always yell at us. After that I started Hip hop, I took it at this place called Applause, I liked it a lot. We would make up dances and play games that related to dance. I took lessons at that dance studio for about three years. I stopped dance for a little while when I heard that my Applause teacher was moving to Florida. But then I started up Hip Hop again at the same place. I didn’t have the same instructor, but I still loved it.

Sadly, after that season of dance, I QUIT. I didn’t mind at first, but then as I got older I regretted quitting. I loved to dance and was missing it. I started Hip Hop again at a new place called Central Park Dance. I didn’t like it as much as Applause but I still enjoyed it. We would make up dances as usual, play games as usual, but this time we didn’t just have shows for our parents, we also had shows for anyone that wanted to watch dance. Recitals were a final production of all different classes dancing in one recital. Dancers who took ballet, tap, jazz, lyrical and many more would all perform. Every different class had a different costume to show their uniqueness. When it was finally my turn to go on stage, I was so strong and powerful. I love it, and I practice everyday.

I took lessons at Central Park Dance for two years, until I decided not to take dance again, I didn’t care at first, but now I wish I could take lessons again. But all though I don’t take lessons, I dance everyday by myself in my house or I even make up dances with friends.

Before in life I hated gymnastics, but now I love it. It is one of my favorite sports, and I just took some private lessons. I am so surprised about how much I  have changed. I loved the lessons when I took them, but now I moved on and I am doing cheerleading. I like cheerleading a lot, but it requires a ton of practice. I take cheerleading lessons every Saturday for two hours.

This is my dance life and  you can probably see that it is really complicated. But I love dance, and dance is what makes me, me. And I feel like dance is a sport for everyone, and a sport that everyone can do and enjoy.

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