Capstone blog #1 Topic

Hi everyone,

Today I started thinking about some topics to do for capstone. Heres a few

  • Baking
  • DIYS
  • Shark tank
  • Broadway shows
  • concerts.

Here is what I narrowed it down to

  • Baking
  • DIYS
  • broadway shows

I think I am going to do baking because I think I could come up with good questions and the research won’t be boring. My second options is DIYS. I think DIYS could have the most interesting research but it would be hard to come up with question. And Broadway shows can be interesting to research because of the affects they use and the equipment. I was going to do shark tank but it wouldn’t be so interesting to research, and it would be hard to visit and get an interview. I started thinking of a specific type of baking and after thinking about it I think I am going to do 3D baking, 3D baking is baking edible baked goods out of a 3D printer.


Zoo debate

Hi everyone,
My debate group was debating if animals should be kept in zoos. My side was animals should not be kept in zoos and Noah was also on my side. My group was Noah, Mathew, and Alex. Our final debate went pretty well. We messed up with one thing, when I was countering Alex’s first piece of evidence he thought it was my reason so he countered my counter to his reason, then he said his reason. No one really noticed so it was fine. I showed a video of animals kept in zoos that get depressed. It was harder for us because Alex was sick for a while and then Mathew was also sick and then Noah was. overall I think we did well and had good reasons and evidence. This is our video.

Hope you enjoyed!

scratch post #3

This is my scratch game

Hello everyone,

In this game the cat is flying through the buildings. The point of this game is to go through the buildings and you get more points. You can control the cat by clicking the up and down arrow keys. This game was easier to make than I thought. The cat makes a noise while flying through the buildings. The buildings change as the cat flies farther. This was very fun to make I enjoyed this unit and hope to do too. I also love playing this game. The game took a while to create but it was worth it. I loved making all my games, and think this is my favorite.

scratch project #2

This is my fashion game

Hi everyone,

Today I made a fashion game on scratch, If you click the green flag on the top right corner and then click any key the background changes the outfit comes of and it changes from long sleeve shirt to short sleeve shirt and the shirt changes colors. I thought I would try challenging myself a little more, to challenge myself a little more I did some extra stuff like making it change backgrounds and by making the shirt change colors. I thought coding this fashion game would be harder but surprisingly it wasn’t very hard. It took a little longer for me to do this fashion game, but it was because I wanted to make everything better and add in some extra things. I am looking forward to doing more and really liked doing the fashion game, next time I will challenge myself even more!

Tynker post #1

This is my Tynker project 👇 ⬇️

Hello everyone,

I made one of my first projects using Tynker. In this project I used a tutorial, if you click on any of the cupcakes it will play a note. This project was harder than my scratch project. I thought it was fun but I got confused with the directions when following the tutorial. I thought this project was cool how each cupcake can play a different note. I got a little stressed when doing this since I didn’t understand the directions but in the end I was happy with what I created. You could pick any sound you want the cupcakes to play and you could choose which thing you wanted to play noise. Over all I enjoyed this project, and maybe in the future I will try to make sure i’m following the instructions correctly.

scratch #1


Today I used scratch, scratch is a coding website. This is my scratch project. This project wasn’t very hard because I followed a tutorial. In my scratch project a kitten and a dog iracing, if you press the right arrow key they will both move, the kitten wins the race the kitten is supposed to say yay because it won and have it typed in a speech bubble. it didn’t work I don’t know why. Next scratch project I will try to challenge myself more. I like how you can get creative on scratch like you can pick your sprites which means a character on scratch. You can also pick your backdrop which is your background. You can drag codes to code your sprites. I made a different project on scratch but i wasn’t signed in so it didn’t save, I also forgot my username and password. I really liked doing this project, and look forward to doing more scratch projects.

Blog post 7

Hello everyone,

We succeeded!!! this project took a lot of group collaboration we were a group of three. We had to comprise. In the end we were happy we compromised because it lead us to success.

We edited the videos on i movie. Editing wasn’t that hard I thought it was the easiest part. The hardest part was trying to get a success.

Overall i thought this project was really fun but included a lot of hard work. We did get frustrated though, like setting up the dominoes, we switched it to jenga blocks.

We got 5-15 fails and 2 successes. We got about 8 fails before we changed our Rube Goldberg steps. We got about 7 fails after that. We kind of got a success but we tried again to see if we would get a better success.

this is our video

blog post 6

Hi everyone,

yesterday we met up again for Rube Goldberg. The biggest fail is the dominoes and the path and the ball rolling of track. We have had about 9 fails so far. We haven’t succeeded yet so we are changing things up a bit. Hopefully our fails lead up to a success.

We had to compromise a little bit because we didn’t know what we were going to do to make the hammer fall down so we disused our opinions and tried everything out, but then we changed it to something we all wanted to do. We sometimes got stressed rebuilding the dominoes and trying to make our Rube Golberg succeed.

We changed our path since the ball was rolling  the other way, and didn’t have enough momentum so we got a higher chair and to lean the path against, so its more steep. We changed what the hammer is on we put it on a cardboard surface with the front of the hammer coming of the cardboard surface, and a ball with make the hammer fall of onto the key.

Rube Goldberg post 4

Hello everyone,

Over the weekend i watched some Rube Goldberg videos Avery in my Rube Goldberg group has also been watching a few videos to see what the whole process is like, I am guessing there will be 9 fails.

Me and my group are trying to find boxes to cut up some paths for our Rube Goldberg. Because we didn’t really start building we only started building like 7 things, In the Rube Goldberg machine you will probably see us using a lot of paths and balls. the tube we made is made out of a water bottle. Our Rube Goldberg machine is a little more complicated because some of the steps are falling of a table its also complicated because we made two different paths each doing a different step from each path something will hit a key.

Tomorrow, January 22 me Avery and Emma are going to meet up because we haven’t met up a lot of times, and we want to start building and want to get at least half of the machine done because all our schedules are different so its hard to find the right days to meet.

Blog post 5

hello everyone,

yesterday January 22, me and my group practiced our Rube Goldberg he had some fails, one of our biggest fails were doing the dominoes because it was hard rebuilding it a lot, we built our whole Rube Goldberg but we didn’t add the keyboard yet, today we will add in the keyboard. Fails we had were

-rebuilding the dominoes we would build it and accidentally knock them down

-Making the card board wall fall our solution was to use a dominoes lid as the wall and the play doe container would knock it down this time

-The toilet paper would roll the opposite way so we taped it down

-we needed to use a bigger marble to hit a key

-the cardboard path would fall down, so we taped it in place

-We need to have a heavier ball.

We learned from our mistakes and will fix most things today. We forgot to count our fails but i think we had 3 because we haven’t succeeded yet and we did it about 3 times so i’m guessing we had 3 fails

here is a video of our fail.