First day of technology

Hello everyone,

September 4th was my first day of school. My quarterly is technology. This is the first quarter of middle school. My technology teacher’s name is Mr. Calvert. The first day of technology I got lost walking to technology but I was walking with my friends so its was easier to find it with them. We asked people where technology was and they told us but it was confusing then someone just said to go to the kitchen and then we found it.

After we found our way to technology we talked about safety rules, and put on safety goggles, the safety goggles are in a cabinet. The cabinet has lights that removes bacteria from the goggles. The cabinet has a wire plugged in so the lights inside work. Mr. Calvert also talked to us about exacto knives, and a lot more equipment.

Technology blog post #9

Hello everyone,

To be continued form my last blog post , (if you read it, if you haven’t make sure to go check it out.) After I drilled holes I started connecting my flashlight. I stuck the led and the wires in the pipe, with my technology teachers help. I finished that you’d think i’d be done but no I still had to decorate. Now this was the fun and easy part. I wanted to make my flashlight a little extra so I colored the pipes, and then, me and my friends started adding gems, and fake sprinkles we made, and different accessories. I took my time and by the end my flashlight was looking better than ever. He took a picture of it before I could take it home and I also took home my scaled diagram. I still need to organize my bin next time. I didn’t have time to do that. Me and my friends like to color messed up pipes that we don’t need anymore in technology, since they are broken or messed up on. It’s really fun to do it because we can get creative with it, and it’s really fun. I have had a great experience making the flashlight so far and hope to do another cool project soon!

Technology blog post #8

Hello everyone,

So in technology we started making flashlights. The flashlights have to be waterproof and it was to help the kids in thailand who got  tuck in a cave (we didn’t actually give it to them, we made them after the thing happened.) We started of with a piece of paper and then we had to sketch what our flashlights would look like. I missed a day of technology so I was a little behind but I caught up quickly and was one of the first to finish my flashlight. After we sketched out our flashlight we drew it to scale and i think this was one of the hardest parts. After finally having mine approved I started my flashlight. I started connecting wires and soldered. The i realized there was a problem, and it was that I forgot to attach my switch. I had to desolder and then resolder it on, and my friend helped me because she was already done with her flashlight. I also drilled holes in the right amount size of piping I wanted. That was some of the project i’ll talk about the rest in my next blog post.

Technology blog post #7

Hello everyone,

Today in technology my table worked on my bread board for the self driving car game. We have had a lot of fails, so we keep trying again. Finally we asked my technology teacher. Two of our led lights where broken and our alligator clips where mixed up and everything was in the wrong place. Also our breadboard was broken, so it wasn’t really our fault, we kept trying again but now we know to use a new breads board for next time. We have learned from our mistakes and didn’t give up! Maybe next time we can start playing the game if we finish doing the bread board.

Technology blog post #6

In technology I decided to make two switches. One of my switches has colorful straws ands colorful stick, I als ousted a glue gun, tinfoil, cardboard, some tiny dowels, my switch worked. So in the end both my switches ended up working, but I definentialy would like to try to make another, and challenge myself.

I finished my solder person, but I started a new one. I didn’t finish my new one, I also used the easier solder so it was quicker to use and easier to shape. My first solder person turned out pretty good.

We are going to start making a self driving car game. But that’s after we finish everything, so I’ll talk to you guys about it in my next blog post.

Technology blog post #5

Hi everyone,

I finished my sdolder person. I changed my solder per swoon to someone doing a leap because it couldn’t stand when it was doing a split and I wanted it to. My sturggle most was soldering the arms and stand (to make nit stand up) because they kept on falling of my solder person. I think it was very satisfying to melt the solder thought. I would feinitaly do it again, it was so much fun,l even though I was kind of scared to solder my first time because I thought I would get burned. But I started to feel more comfortable with it and got the hang of doing it.Mr Calvert just took a picture and now I can take it home.

My table/group made 4 switches that work. We each made one and all helped with line. I really liked making my switch because I didn’t think I could do it but then I got a good idea and it worked so I’m happy! Mine didn’t take so long to make. I used: a paper straw, glue gun, cardboard, tape, exacto knife, Pom poms, a popsicle stick, tin foil, and to test it I used alligator clips, attached to a bread board. Overall I liked making the switch and I would definitely do it again sometimes.

Technology Blog Post #4

Hi everyone,

In technology we worked on solder people. We have to use a soldering iron. My person i made has a stand. She is doing a split in gymnastics. I used the gold soldering wire, it is harder than using the silver wire. I had some trouble with twisting the wire around the dowel using pliers. I also had trouble with making the base, since the wire is hard to twist. i think if I used the softer wire it wouldn’t be as hard. The rest was easier for me though. Last time I finished so I had attach all the pieces of wire using the soldering iron. I didn’t have enough time to start soldering so I was going to do it first this time but today we have a substitute. Overall I think that this project was fun, and I would do it again.

Technology blog post #3

Hello everyone,

Today in technology we learned about the periodic table. We learned about the valence electron. We watched the periodic table. On nearpod we added electrons to make the element, and we have to make it stable, and it had to be neutral. We looked at the elements, and the electrons, because it connected with electrons, the loose ones that connect with atoms.

We made paper towel rolls out of wood, my table didn’t use instructions. We also used a bread board to try to make a circuit. Now we were going to brainstorm and right down on how we can help a blind guy drive a car. That what we’ve been doing in technology so far.

Technology blog post #2

Hello everyone,

We just got our new iPads! I am typing on my new iPad right now.  The iPads have an attachable keyboard. The iPads also has a slot for a touch screen pen. We are going to get apple pens, but not yet

In technology using our iPads we learned about atoms, and we drew how we think they look, on nearpod, which is on our iPads. We watched a video about atoms. Then we got to see what they look like, even though they are really to small to actually see them. that’s what we’d did in technology!