Rube Goldberg first post

Hi everyone, we just started working on rube Goldberg. At first me and my partners, Emma and Avery were very confused on what to do. We had no idea how to start. Finally we decided we would create the google drawings to get started on something, after that we started looking around the house  for ideas and we found a robot we wanted to use. We charged the robot and meanwhile started thinking of ideas, we were thinking big. Emma’s sister gave us a couple examples of what to to. We remembered in class when we saw the video it said to create something really hard to do something very simple. this is what we thought about

-Flushing a toilet.

-Turning on a light switch.

-Make the robot press a button.

-Typing a key on a computer.

-Pressing a “that was easy” button.

We finally decided to press a key on a computer because turning on a light switch would be to high. Flushing a toilet would be to hard. Making the robot press a button would take a long to figure out how to do it.  The “that was easy” button would be hard to press since it is a round surface. Finally pressing a key was the easiest.

Rube Goldberg post 3

Hi, For our Rube Goldberg we were going to change our Rube Goldberg and make it press a that was easy button. We decided not to because we already started our plan and wrote some of our blog post.

We started making some of the stuff we needed for rube goldberg like, the tube, the paths, the lego block. We got a marble and a few balls.

We changed our plan a bit, there are two paths releasing 2 balls coming through different paths they are both hitting different stuff but both hitting a key that way we have a better chance of it working, Making to paths will be harder because we need to make sure both paths works in the end but it gives a better chance of it working because if one path doesn’t work because the ball going through the path won’t work then the other path might work.

that is a picture of us testing out some of our rube goldberg

We experimented and tried different things out. We failed a few times but realized we needed to use a tennis ball instead of a baseball.

Rube Goldberg – Post 2

Hello everyone,

We decided on what task we want to do and now we have to plan out the steps. We were going to switch our project to a “That was easy” button. The reason we didn’t do that was because we already started to plan everything out.

Now that we finished our plan we have to think about how many steps we will do and what the steps will be.

After we thought of what we were going to do for the steps my group and I made a sketch so we would have all of our steps figured out. We are making 2 paths. We redid our sketch 3 times because we decided to do a different plan but same task.

I’m looking forward to getting to build the Rube Goldberg machine!

This is a picture of our sketch.

Rocket Presentation

Today we had our rocket presentation. Our group did pretty well.  Today is 11/30/17. The parents came at 8:45 am to see the presentations. We had to practice a lot. A lot of people where nervous I wasn’t as nervous as other people.

For our first rocket we didn’t know what we should do because we haven’t made one yet. After our first launch we started knowing how to do it better. After every launch we had to graph it. We made our rockets out of paper and Styrofoam we used fins,body and nose cone. We had some arguments on the first rocket. We wanted our rocket to be perfect. We would fight about who’s graph we should use, we all wanted to use our own graph.

For our slides we had no clue on how to do them. We started out with the tittle slide and went on from there. We started doing the designing slides. After that our teacher Mrs. Edwards gave us a sheet of what slides we need to include we went on from there and then added an extra slide which was a photo slide. After we finished all out slides we realized that we had to many animations and it was to much so we got rid of the some of them and made it more consistent.

Watch our video to see how we did

My Colonial Book Reflection

I liked writing my colonial book. It took a lot of work to write it. First you had to learn about the colonial time. You had to read books and articles and stuff like that. Then we had colonial day. After colonial day we got to pick a topic that we wanted to research on. We had to read books about our topic and Find information online. We had to start organizing our chapters and then start writing. We took a long time revising and making the book we made sure the books were really good.

Colonial day was so fun. We got to experience how it was in colonial times. We churned butter, carded wool, spun, make candles, do Stenciling, going to dames school, Learning the music, do the job of a tinsmith and we ate what people ate in colonial times. Doing all that work was a lot though. Dames school was really easy for the girls but hard for the boys because the believed that the boys go to collage and and the girls just do the work in the house.


Welcome to 2016-2017!

Its a brand new school year! I’m exited for Halloween because I get to dress up and see what other peoples costumes are. I wonder what the teachers are going to be for Halloween also we get to go out side and walk down the circle and parents come and see us all dressed up.

I am also exited for toy theater because it will be fun making little people and acting out the play and you get to make a little house and 3rd graders come and see us act out the stuff and I think it will be fun working on the project and we learn about different things about what you are acting.

I am exited for colonial day because I am going to dress up and parents come and you learn about native Americans and we get to learn about how they lived.


Cam Jansen and the ghostly mystery

Cam Jansen is trying to find out who is dressed up as the ghost because the person dressed up as a ghost is scaring people on line people are in line for getting the tickets for the performince they are going to wach a  performance.

The suspect is a person cam thinks he was partners with the ghost because he was with him the whole time Cam thinks the person who had a heart attack facked it and he was just pertending it so the people would run up to him and the ghost can asscape  cam thinks that also because when they where going to take him to the hospital he wouldnt let them take him he said he was fine he also said leave me alone he is acctually a women because she went in the girls bathroom and the gaurds found a mask in the girls bathroom.

The clues is a mask and the wig and the girls bathroom and boys and little newspapers its because this is the things they found that she was changing into and things the theif might have had.


this is a ghost just like in the book cam Jansen and the ghostly mystery.


Click on the link to view David Adler’s books.  To view Cam Jansen.

My initial thoughts…

I am scared and a little happy. It is my first time. I don’t want the whole world to see it because they can wright mean stuff. The whole world can see it. But  I am exited because its my first time and am exited to see what people wright. And random people can see it. People can make fun of it. The whole world is a lot of people. Every place in the world can see it. A lot of people might not like it because its the whole world. But a lot of people can see it. But if people make fun of it at least I like it.heathcote