Rube Goldberg – Post 2

Hello everyone,

We decided on what task we want to do and now we have to plan out the steps. We were going to switch our project to a “That was easy” button. The reason we didn’t do that was because we already started to plan everything out.

Now that we finished our plan we have to think about how many steps we will do and what the steps will be.

After we thought of what we were going to do for the steps my group and I made a sketch so we would have all of our steps figured out. We are making 2 paths. We redid our sketch 3 times because we decided to do a different plan but same task.

I’m looking forward to getting to build the Rube Goldberg machine!

This is a picture of our sketch.

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  1. bdegani25

    I think you could have added more detail about making your sketch, and your inspiration for your ideas. You added every thing about the process but not a lot of detail.

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