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hello everyone,

yesterday January 22, me and my group practiced our Rube Goldberg he had some fails, one of our biggest fails were doing the dominoes because it was hard rebuilding it a lot, we built our whole Rube Goldberg but we didn’t add the keyboard yet, today we will add in the keyboard. Fails we had were

-rebuilding the dominoes we would build it and accidentally knock them down

-Making the card board wall fall our solution was to use a dominoes lid as the wall and the play doe container would knock it down this time

-The toilet paper would roll the opposite way so we taped it down

-we needed to use a bigger marble to hit a key

-the cardboard path would fall down, so we taped it in place

-We need to have a heavier ball.

We learned from our mistakes and will fix most things today. We forgot to count our fails but i think we had 3 because we haven’t succeeded yet and we did it about 3 times so i’m guessing we had 3 fails

here is a video of our fail.


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