scratch project #2

This is my fashion game

Hi everyone,

Today I made a fashion game on scratch, If you click the green flag on the top right corner and then click any key the background changes the outfit comes of and it changes from long sleeve shirt to short sleeve shirt and the shirt changes colors. I thought I would try challenging myself a little more, to challenge myself a little more I did some extra stuff like making it change backgrounds and by making the shirt change colors. I thought coding this fashion game would be harder but surprisingly it wasn’t very hard. It took a little longer for me to do this fashion game, but it was because I wanted to make everything better and add in some extra things. I am looking forward to doing more and really liked doing the fashion game, next time I will challenge myself even more!


  1. mmeyerson25

    I think that this was a lot better than your first one. I still think maybe you could have made a few more costumes or backdrops but, your blog posts are interesting.

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