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Hi everyone,

Today I started thinking about some topics to do for Capstone. Here’s a few,

  • Baking
  • DIYS
  • Shark tank
  • Broadway shows
  • Concerts.

This is what I narrowed it down to,

  • Baking
  • DIYS
  • Broadway Shows

I think I am going to do baking because I think I could come up with good questions and the research won’t be boring. My second option is DIYS. I think DIYS could have the most interesting research but it would be hard to come up with questions.  Broadway shows can be interesting to research because of the affects they use and the equipment. I was going to do shark tank but it wouldn’t be so interesting to research, and it would be hard to visit and get an interview. I started thinking of a specific type of baking and after thinking about it I think I am going to do 3D baking, 3D baking is baking edible desserts out of a 3D printer.



  1. mmeyerson25

    I liked that you explained your options and how you narrowed it down. I think you could have added more or explained a little more about your thinking/feelings.

  2. bkocsis25

    I think you really thought about you question to help you pick a topic.I liked the idea of you listing all the choices you had before, I think it really stood out to me because it showed what you wanted at first. I really hope you Capstone project turns out well. By the way I think 3D printing is a cool project!

  3. Cristal Edwards

    It makes sense that you started with more topics then narrowed them down. I found all your potential topics very interesting. It must have been hard making a choice! I think adding the 3D printing to the baking will be very interesting! I can’t wait to learn alongside you, Karine!

  4. dhorn25

    I thought that it was a good idea to include the other topics you were considering doing.The paragraph explaining why you wanted and didn’t want to do each topic was a good addition. You also thought outside the box changed your idea a little to make more interesting.
    Great job!

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