Where i’m from

This is my where i’m from poem,

I am from the big green ,Frog that floats on water. From my pink blanket My grandma made To The unicorn piggy bank. I am from “Eat your carrots they help your vision.And from “It’s getting late, go to bed.”I am from a tree, at my old house I would hide behind Whose branches had a lot of leaves. I am from my green/grey couch And my old house. From Joe and Elinor. From dramatic times And optimistic times. From family Tennis and soccer tournaments. I am from opening presents on Hanukkah.From cranberry sauce and challah. From dad surviving 9/11.From when my aunt Burned down the house when she was little. And from my sister cutting my hair when I was 3. I am from the moments that make me Happy and Make me laugh.

During the process of writing this poem I faced some challenges in the beginning. First when we got the organizer that helps us writing it I thought I would fill it out in two seconds, but then when I started it I realized it was hard and I couldn’t think of stuff to write down. After I finally did fill it out I forgot to put it in a google doc so I really quickly typed it up. Then I realized we had to put it in paragraphs I stressed because I didn’t know where I should make each paragraph. Then I got help from a friend and then we printed them out and started illustrating that wasn’t so hard. Neither was the rest. I just made my video and then I was done.

I liked writing the where I’m from poem because I could just write anything about me in a poem. After all it wasn’t so hard.

This is the video



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