Blog Post #2 Making My Main Inquiry Question

Hello everyone,

Choosing a main inquiry question was hard for me. I decided to do Broadway shows but then changed it right before out topic was due. I talked with my teacher and we decided I would do 3D baking. It was something I was interested in and didn’t know much about. It was time to start thinking of questions. I thought of a ton of question and revised one I would want to be my main inquiry question. Then I thought, the other questions I came up with could be my sub questions, because they has something to do with my main inquiry question, and could help me research to find out the answer to my question. I got very stressed because a lot of other people had already thought of a main inquiry question.┬áThen I┬átried not to stress because I knew it wouldn’t help. I started to think about my question and not what anybody else and what they were up to.


  1. adickstein25

    I liked how you described the process of making a good main inquiry question. I also like ho you explained your feelings about the process like how you were stressed when other people already had their main inquiry and sub questions when you didn’t.

  2. dhorn25

    I like how you explained your thoughts and feelings when you were coming up with your main inquiry question. I also like how you decided to use your other ideas for your inquiry question as your sub questions. Amazing job!

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