El reataurante

Hello everyone,

Today we went to the restaurant pollo a la brasa in school with the whole fifth grade. Pollo a la brasa is a peruvian restaurant. Our spanish teacher Senor Johnson planned the trip. It was a spanish trip.

Some of the dishes we had were Pollo Saltado (chicken with french fries). We also has Lomo Saltado ( meat with rice), Tallarin saltado de Carne (meat and noodles), Pescado al ajo (Fish), Ensalada de Verduras (salad), We also had bread. A drink we had is called Chicha Morada. ( is made out of cinnamon, purple corn and lemons).

My favorite out of the dishes was the Lomo Saltado because I liked the meat and the rice that came with it.  The only thing we got served I didn’t like was the bread and fish and I didn’t like the fish because I don’t like any fish. I liked this trip because I got to learn about the culture and try new foods and new things with my friends I haven’t tried before. I think this is one of my favorite trips so far.  I think this was a fun unit. Overall I really liked this restaurant and would definitely go back with my family, or any time.

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