Blog Post #4 Interview

Hello everyone,

Today I will be talking about my interview.

My interview went pretty good. The person I interviewed (Peter Zachartos) answered my questions so it went pretty well.


The only problems were it was an hour drive and when I interviewed him since it was a small place customers were coming in so I had to stop filming and writing notes for about 15 minutes. Then I asked more questions but then other people came in and we had to get home because we had people coming. So I didn’t get to ask all my questions. Another problem is that some of my questions he answered the wrong way, like he would completely change the subject and I wouldn’t get a full answer to the question. (not of all of them)


The good thing were that he was an expert in 3D printing and desserts, fox 5 came in to tell him he was the first to start making 3D chocolates, he was also in some magazines, that was a good thing for me to. The other good things are that I got to take a lot of pictures so I did my site visit at the same time. Another good thing is that he answered all my questions that I asked and gave an explanation.

Overall I think it was useful and I got some information, some of the information also helped me answer my sub questions. I also got a lot of pictures for my site visit. I think it was worth coming to SugarCube.

I also finally got a response from Dinara Kasko and she answered all my interview questions really well. I was really happy because she started baking using 3D printers and she a well known pastry chef.



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  1. bkocsis25

    I liked how you put the pros and cons of your interveiw. I liked how you added detail to the pros and cons. Overall, I liked your essay alot.

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