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Hello everyone,

Today I will talk about my site visit. I did my site visit at SugarCube. Its an hour away, its in long island city/queens. I took a lot of pictures! It was really cool looking at all the desserts like the chocolate, gelato and the cakes and more desserts. I also liked looking at the molds to make the chocolate and desserts.

The only thing that was kind of annoying is that the place was really small so there wasn’t a lot of things to take pictures of. But then the owner showed us sketches and pictures¬† he made that got him into 3D printing and stuff like that, for example he also took out molds and a lot more, and then we took pictures of those. He took out molds to show us so we got to take pictures of that. We also took pictures of the desserts. We took more than one picture of the same things so we have more options. It’s also better to have more than needed, then too little.

Overall my site visit went well and I enjoyed doing it, even though the place was a little far, I think it was worth it. The owner was the first to 3D print chocolates and desserts, and is one of the only places that you can find that 3D prints desserts and chocolates, and they are hard to find so I did it there. Fox 5 came to the pastry shop and told him he was the first to do it, so it was a good place to do it.

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  1. bkocsis25

    I like how you showed how it was a good place to have your site visit, and I liked how you have taken pictures as well. Id like to see them. Over all, I think that you did a great job.

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