Ellis Island field trip

Hello everyone,

Today I will be talking about our Ellis Island field trip. The whole 5th grade went to Ellis Island on a bus and then a ferry. My class got split up for the bus. In my group that I got split up into I had Avery, Emma, Kate, Dani and as our chaperone we had mrs. Edwards.

The first thing we did when we got there was eat a snack then we looked around at the place you enter by. We looked around at baggage and more, some things I think where cool, is the globe, and the flag that you can look up a person and they appear in the flag creating an American flag. After that we went up some stairs and we entered the Great hall, the person who lead us upstairs asked us to do some push ups and touch your toes and he asked us to raise out right leg but I thought he said left so I put up my left leg, so then he gave me some blocks I had to arrange and they have to fit perfectly into each other, I was timed to do it like a real immigrant would have to do to, I got some help, I got to pick someone to help me and I picked Emma. After that we watched a short movie that was about 45 minutes, it showed the process of people immigrating and told a story behind them. After the movie we had lunch and then we took some pictures, then we looked around more, some things I thought were cool were the cloths of immigrants and the beds they would sleep in if they stayed at Ellis Island. Then we went back on the ferry and stopped at the statue of liberty but we didn’t get of and then we went back to where the bus was and drove back. Overall I liked the trip and would definitely go again.


  1. dhorn25

    You did a great job describing what we did in order. I like how you included your favorite part of the trip. I also like how you explained what you did when you put up your left foot instead of your right, what the film was about and that you would go back.

  2. amccausland25

    I really like how you did it in chronological order. It made a lot more sense that way. I also like how you said how much time we spent on things.
    Good Job!

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