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Hello everyone,

For Capstone, as an assignment we have to write an essay to answer our main inquiry question. My topic is, how technology has impacted on baking. My favorite body paragraph is the creativity one because I worked really hard on that paragraph but it wasn’t that hard to write so it didn’t take me that long, also I knew what most of my examples would be so I just had to re-word it.

Here is the essay I wrote:


How has technology made an impact on the baking industry? Today I will be answering that question and focusing on the two most important ways technology has made an impact on baking, those that stand out the most to me. One, is the usage of 3D printers, and the other is social media. There are many more ways technology has impacted baking, but I will only focus on these two.

Technological advances have made an impact on the baking industry because you can get more creative. One example is, that in the past pastry chefs would only use a normal pan or a simple shape, but now since technology has advanced with the invention of 3D printers, bakers can create whichever mold they desire and can get really creative with it without following any rules. Technology allows them to do much more by either designing it themselves or using a website or app. Baking a dessert by hand is pretty simple, but 3D printing a mold without instructions and creating a dessert is more complex and therefore creative. A third example is, you can use the internet and find recipes that you haven’t tried before because there is a lot of good information and resources out there. So now people are using technology resulting in more artistic and innovative desserts.

Social media is another way technology has made an impact on baking. Social media has helped companies advertise baking and increase popularity and customers, so companies can make more money by using this type of marketing. One example is, Hostess cupcakes was going bankrupt and then they decided to tweet on Twitter a post of a baseball cupcake on the day of a major league baseball game. After that post on Twitter their company got more customers, increasing their sales, helping them “so get people back on their game”. Here is a link to their website:  

Another example is that you can watch videos to learn how to bake instead of going to a place to learn how to bake or use a cookbook. Taking baking classes is more expensive because you have to pay for them, and you also have to buy a cookbook. So people go on social media more often instead of taking a cooking class, or reading/buying a cookbook. Because you can just read a cookbook on your phone and look it up on safari instead of getting a book, which is what a lot of people do. For example on YouTube you can watch a video to learn how to bake something for free. Here is a link on how to bake a cake: Another example is that social media has made baking more popular. People like watching baking videos!. An account on Instagram that is very popular is, “So Yummy”, it has more than 6 million followers, and on YouTube “So Yummy” has more than 1.4 million subscribers. Another popular girl who bakes is Rosanna Pansino. She has more than 9.9 million subscribers on YouTube and on Instagram she has a checkmark and more than 3.6 million followers. A check mark means that she is a really popular person and posts really cool desserts and pictures. On social media people can comment things. A lot of people comment requests they have, so they can inspire pastry chefs on what to bake and give them ideas. Social media is used often for baking!

A third example is that on the app, Yelp, you can see reviews about local businesses. Pastry chefs who have yelp get reviewed and if there is a good review than other people might go to that place.

In conclusion, technology has made many impacts in the baking industry. Two ways are by having 3D printers more involved with baking, and by the usage of social media. What do you think technology will impact next?


While I was writing my essay I faced some problems a long the way, the first problem I faced was that the essay didn’t really match my main inquiry question, so I re-did it. I started of by making a plan with examples and worked my way up from there, then I had some trouble finding an example for my social media paragraph, I had trouble with the last example, I also had trouble with my conclusion, but I knew it didn’t have to be perfect because I knew that we would edit it in class and at home, then I changed my main inquiry question so I changed my essay but Mrs. Edwards let me do only 2 body paragraphs.




  1. wmishra25

    Great job! I think you might be able to say why the Instagram and YouTube channels are important and maybe you could say the ways technology has improved baking, instead of just saying two ways.

  2. Cristal Edwards

    I really enjoyed reading about how technology has affected baking. I love learning about new technology and the use of 3D printing for baking is so amazing, like something out of a science fiction movie!
    Thank you for sharing!

  3. adickstein25

    I like how you said what problems you came across and how you solved them. I also like how you said which body paragraph that you liked the most. Overall I think that it was really good!

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