Blog Post #6 Making My Presentation

Hello everyone,

For our Capstone we have to make a presentation. You start of by writing your script and then you can choose to do an ignite or ted talk. Basically you answer your main inquiry question, in a slide show, for the Ignite each slide is 15 seconds and the total time is 3 minutes, so there are 12 slides. For a TED Talk you can have as many slides as you need and there is no time for each slide, you go at your pace and you can have as much information as you need to say. Usually you would do a ted talk if you have more information that you would like to say. You have to memorize your ignite and TED Talk.

First I decided to do an ignite but I only had 7 slides and so I told my teacher and she said I should do a ted talk so I did, after that I added more slides with more information, so far I have 10 slides. Memorization was pretty easy for me, I would say its easiest to do out of your whole presentation. I have a method, my method is to look at the script for the slide i’m having trouble memorizing, then I try it without the script, that helps me a lot.

Here is a link to my presentation you can see:

Just copy and paste the link to the web.


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