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Hello everyone,

For Capstone we have to make presentations, and present them, Instead of trifold like they did in the past. I am doing a Ted Talk instead of an Ignite. I presented my Capstone in the library when we did it in front of the parents. The students presenting either get assigned to present in the library, Computer lab, auditorium or classroom. The teachers do this so it is a quicker process, instead of the whole grade doing it in one room, because that would take a long time. We only present in the area we were assigned when we do it in front of the parents, but when we do it in front of classes and other teachers we just do it in the classroom.

As you guys may already know, I did baking as my Capstone topic. Before I went up to present in front of the parents I was nervous, but when I got up I got the hang of it, so it wasn’t that hard for me. I memorized pretty well. I didn’t care if it was word for word or not, I just went with the flow. If I forgot what to say on the slide I would talk about the pictures and that would help me remember, or I would just say some facts that I know that match the slide. Overall I really enjoyed this unit.

Here is a video of me presenting:


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