Technology blog post #5

Hi everyone,

I finished my sdolder person. I changed my solder per swoon to someone doing a leap because it couldn’t stand when it was doing a split and I wanted it to. My sturggle most was soldering the arms and stand (to make nit stand up) because they kept on falling of my solder person. I think it was very satisfying to melt the solder thought. I would feinitaly do it again, it was so much fun,l even though I was kind of scared to solder my first time because I thought I would get burned. But I started to feel more comfortable with it and got the hang of doing it.Mr Calvert just took a picture and now I can take it home.

My table/group made 4 switches that work. We each made one and all helped with line. I really liked making my switch because I didn’t think I could do it but then I got a good idea and it worked so I’m happy! Mine didn’t take so long to make. I used: a paper straw, glue gun, cardboard, tape, exacto knife, Pom poms, a popsicle stick, tin foil, and to test it I used alligator clips, attached to a bread board. Overall I liked making the switch and I would definitely do it again sometimes.

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