Technology blog post #9

Hello everyone,

To be continued form my last blog post , (if you read it, if you haven’t make sure to go check it out.) After I drilled holes I started connecting my flashlight. I stuck the led and the wires in the pipe, with my technology teachers help. I finished that you’d think i’d be done but no I still had to decorate. Now this was the fun and easy part. I wanted to make my flashlight a little extra so I colored the pipes, and then, me and my friends started adding gems, and fake sprinkles we made, and different accessories. I took my time and by the end my flashlight was looking better than ever. He took a picture of it before I could take it home and I also took home my scaled diagram. I still need to organize my bin next time. I didn’t have time to do that. Me and my friends like to color messed up pipes that we don’t need anymore in technology, since they are broken or messed up on. It’s really fun to do it because we can get creative with it, and it’s really fun. I have had a great experience making the flashlight so far and hope to do another cool project soon!

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