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Cam Jansen and the ghostly mystery

Cam Jansen is trying to find out who is dressed up as the ghost because the person dressed up as a ghost is scaring people on line people are in line for getting the tickets for the performince they are going to wach a  performance.

The suspect is a person cam thinks he was partners with the ghost because he was with him the whole time Cam thinks the person who had a heart attack facked it and he was just pertending it so the people would run up to him and the ghost can asscape  cam thinks that also because when they where going to take him to the hospital he wouldnt let them take him he said he was fine he also said leave me alone he is acctually a women because she went in the girls bathroom and the gaurds found a mask in the girls bathroom.

The clues is a mask and the wig and the girls bathroom and boys and little newspapers its because this is the things they found that she was changing into and things the theif might have had.


this is a ghost just like in the book cam Jansen and the ghostly mystery.


Click on the link to view David Adler’s books.  To view Cam Jansen.

My initial thoughts…

I am scared and a little happy. It is my first time. I don’t want the whole world to see it because they can wright mean stuff. The whole world can see it. But  I am exited because its my first time and am exited to see what people wright. And random people can see it. People can make fun of it. The whole world is a lot of people. Every place in the world can see it. A lot of people might not like it because its the whole world. But a lot of people can see it. But if people make fun of it at least I like it.heathcote