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Capstone blog #1 Topic

Hi everyone,

Today I started thinking about some topics to do for capstone. Heres a few

  • Baking
  • DIYS
  • Shark tank
  • Broadway shows
  • concerts.

Here is what I narrowed it down to

  • Baking
  • DIYS
  • broadway shows

I think I am going to do baking because I think I could come up with good questions and the research won’t be boring. My second options is DIYS. I think DIYS could have the most interesting research but it would be hard to come up with question. And Broadway shows can be interesting to research because of the affects they use and the equipment. I was going to do shark tank but it wouldn’t be so interesting to research, and it would be hard to visit and get an interview. I started thinking of a specific type of baking and after thinking about it I think I am going to do 3D baking, 3D baking is baking edible baked goods out of a 3D printer.


Rube Goldberg first post

Hi everyone, we just started working on rube Goldberg. At first me and my partners, Emma and Avery were very confused on what to do. We had no idea how to start. Finally we decided we would create the google drawings to get started on something, after that we started looking around the house  for ideas and we found a robot we wanted to use. We charged the robot and meanwhile started thinking of ideas, we were thinking big. Emma’s sister gave us a couple examples of what to to. We remembered in class when we saw the video it said to create something really hard to do something very simple. this is what we thought about

-Flushing a toilet.

-Turning on a light switch.

-Make the robot press a button.

-Typing a key on a computer.

-Pressing a “that was easy” button.

We finally decided to press a key on a computer because turning on a light switch would be to high. Flushing a toilet would be to hard. Making the robot press a button would take a long to figure out how to do it.  The “that was easy” button would be hard to press since it is a round surface. Finally pressing a key was the easiest.

Rube Goldberg post 3

Hi, For our Rube Goldberg we were going to change our Rube Goldberg and make it press a that was easy button. We decided not to because we already started our plan and wrote some of our blog post.

We started making some of the stuff we needed for rube goldberg like, the tube, the paths, the lego block. We got a marble and a few balls.

We changed our plan a bit, there are two paths releasing 2 balls coming through different paths they are both hitting different stuff but both hitting a key that way we have a better chance of it working, Making to paths will be harder because we need to make sure both paths works in the end but it gives a better chance of it working because if one path doesn’t work because the ball going through the path won’t work then the other path might work.

that is a picture of us testing out some of our rube goldberg

We experimented and tried different things out. We failed a few times but realized we needed to use a tennis ball instead of a baseball.

Rube Goldberg – Post 2

Hello everyone,

We decided on what task we want to do and now we have to plan out the steps. We were going to switch our project to a “That was easy” button. The reason we didn’t do that was because we already started to plan everything out.

Now that we finished our plan we have to think about how many steps we will do and what the steps will be.

After we thought of what we were going to do for the steps my group and I made a sketch so we would have all of our steps figured out. We are making 2 paths. We redid our sketch 3 times because we decided to do a different plan but same task.

I’m looking forward to getting to build the Rube Goldberg machine!

This is a picture of our sketch.