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Technology blog post #3

Hello everyone,

Today in technology we learned about the periodic table. We learned about the valence electron. We watched the periodic table. On nearpod we added electrons to make the element, and we have to make it stable, and it had to be neutral. We looked at the elements, and the electrons, because it connected with electrons, the loose ones that connect with atoms.

We made paper towel rolls out of wood, my table didn’t use instructions. We also used a bread board to try to make a circuit. Now we were going to brainstorm and right down on how we can help a blind guy drive a car. That what we’ve been doing in technology so far.

Technology blog post #2

Hello everyone,

We just got our new iPads! I am typing on my new iPad right now.  The iPads have an attachable keyboard. The iPads also has a slot for a touch screen pen. We are going to get apple pens, but not yet

In technology using our iPads we learned about atoms, and we drew how we think they look, on nearpod, which is on our iPads. We watched a video about atoms. Then we got to see what they look like, even though they are really to small to actually see them. that’s what we’d did in technology!



First day of technology

Hello everyone,

September 4th was my first day of school. My quarterly is technology. This is the first quarter of middle school. My technology teacher’s name is Mr. Calvert. The first day of technology I got lost walking to technology but I was walking with my friends so its was easier to find it with them. We asked people where technology was and they told us but it was confusing then someone just said to go to the kitchen and then we found it.

After we found our way to technology we talked about safety rules, and put on safety goggles, the safety goggles are in a cabinet. The cabinet has lights that removes bacteria from the goggles. The cabinet has a wire plugged in so the lights inside work. Mr. Calvert also talked to us about exacto knives, and a lot more equipment.