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Blog Post #6 Making My Presentation

Hello everyone,

For our Capstone we have to make a presentation. You start of by writing your script and then you can choose to do an ignite or ted talk. Basically you answer your main inquiry question, in a slide show, for the Ignite each slide is 15 seconds and the total time is 3 minutes, so there are 12 slides. For a TED Talk you can have as many slides as you need and there is no time for each slide, you go at your pace and you can have as much information as you need to say. Usually you would do a ted talk if you have more information that you would like to say. You have to memorize your ignite and TED Talk.

First I decided to do an ignite but I only had 7 slides and so I told my teacher and she said I should do a ted talk so I did, after that I added more slides with more information, so far I have 10 slides. Memorization was pretty easy for me, I would say its easiest to do out of your whole presentation. I have a method, my method is to look at the script for the slide i’m having trouble memorizing, then I try it without the script, that helps me a lot.

Here is a link to my presentation you can see:

Just copy and paste the link to the web.


Ellis Island field trip

Hello everyone,

Today I will be talking about our Ellis Island field trip. The whole 5th grade went to Ellis Island on a bus and then a ferry. My class got split up for the bus. In my group that I got split up into I had Avery, Emma, Kate, Dani and as our chaperone we had mrs. Edwards.

The first thing we did when we got there was eat a snack then we looked around at the place you enter by. We looked around at baggage and more, some things I think where cool, is the globe, and the flag that you can look up a person and they appear in the flag creating an American flag. After that we went up some stairs and we entered the Great hall, the person who lead us upstairs asked us to do some push ups and touch your toes and he asked us to raise out right leg but I thought he said left so I put up my left leg, so then he gave me some blocks I had to arrange and they have to fit perfectly into each other, I was timed to do it like a real immigrant would have to do to, I got some help, I got to pick someone to help me and I picked Emma. After that we watched a short movie that was about 45 minutes, it showed the process of people immigrating and told a story behind them. After the movie we had lunch and then we took some pictures, then we looked around more, some things I thought were cool were the cloths of immigrants and the beds they would sleep in if they stayed at Ellis Island. Then we went back on the ferry and stopped at the statue of liberty but we didn’t get of and then we went back to where the bus was and drove back. Overall I liked the trip and would definitely go again.

El reataurante

Hello everyone,

Today we went to the restaurant pollo a la brasa in school with the whole fifth grade. Pollo a la brasa is a peruvian restaurant. Our spanish teacher Senor Johnson planned the trip. It was a spanish trip.

Some of the dishes we had were Pollo Saltado (chicken with french fries). We also has Lomo Saltado ( meat with rice), Tallarin saltado de Carne (meat and noodles), Pescado al ajo (Fish), Ensalada de Verduras (salad), We also had bread. A drink we had is called Chicha Morada. ( is made out of cinnamon, purple corn and lemons).

My favorite out of the dishes was the Lomo Saltado because I liked the meat and the rice that came with it.  The only thing we got served I didn’t like was the bread and fish and I didn’t like the fish because I don’t like any fish. I liked this trip because I got to learn about the culture and try new foods and new things with my friends I haven’t tried before. I think this is one of my favorite trips so far.  I think this was a fun unit. Overall I really liked this restaurant and would definitely go back with my family, or any time.

Where i’m from

This is my where i’m from poem,

I am from the big green ,Frog that floats on water. From my pink blanket My grandma made To The unicorn piggy bank. I am from “Eat your carrots they help your vision.And from “It’s getting late, go to bed.”I am from a tree, at my old house I would hide behind Whose branches had a lot of leaves. I am from my green/grey couch And my old house. From Joe and Elinor. From dramatic times And optimistic times. From family Tennis and soccer tournaments. I am from opening presents on Hanukkah.From cranberry sauce and challah. From dad surviving 9/11.From when my aunt Burned down the house when she was little. And from my sister cutting my hair when I was 3. I am from the moments that make me Happy and Make me laugh.

During the process of writing this poem I faced some challenges in the beginning. First when we got the organizer that helps us writing it I thought I would fill it out in two seconds, but then when I started it I realized it was hard and I couldn’t think of stuff to write down. After I finally did fill it out I forgot to put it in a google doc so I really quickly typed it up. Then I realized we had to put it in paragraphs I stressed because I didn’t know where I should make each paragraph. Then I got help from a friend and then we printed them out and started illustrating that wasn’t so hard. Neither was the rest. I just made my video and then I was done.

I liked writing the where I’m from poem because I could just write anything about me in a poem. After all it wasn’t so hard.

This is the video



Zoo debate

Hi everyone,
My debate group was debating if animals should be kept in zoos. My side was animals should not be kept in zoos and Noah was also on my side. My group was Noah, Mathew, and Alex. Our final debate went pretty well. We messed up with one thing, when I was countering Alex’s first piece of evidence he thought it was my reason so he countered my counter to his reason, then he said his reason. No one really noticed so it was fine. I showed a video of animals kept in zoos that get depressed. It was harder for us because Alex was sick for a while and then Mathew was also sick and then Noah was. overall I think we did well and had good reasons and evidence. This is our video.

Hope you enjoyed!

scratch post #3

This is my scratch game

Hello everyone,

In this game the cat is flying through the buildings. The point of this game is to go through the buildings and you get more points. You can control the cat by clicking the up and down arrow keys. This game was easier to make than I thought. The cat makes a noise while flying through the buildings. The buildings change as the cat flies farther. This was very fun to make I enjoyed this unit and hope to do too. I also love playing this game. The game took a while to create but it was worth it. I loved making all my games, and think this is my favorite.

scratch project #2

This is my fashion game

Hi everyone,

Today I made a fashion game on scratch, If you click the green flag on the top right corner and then click any key the background changes the outfit comes of and it changes from long sleeve shirt to short sleeve shirt and the shirt changes colors. I thought I would try challenging myself a little more, to challenge myself a little more I did some extra stuff like making it change backgrounds and by making the shirt change colors. I thought coding this fashion game would be harder but surprisingly it wasn’t very hard. It took a little longer for me to do this fashion game, but it was because I wanted to make everything better and add in some extra things. I am looking forward to doing more and really liked doing the fashion game, next time I will challenge myself even more!

Tynker post #1

This is my Tynker project 👇 ⬇️

Hello everyone,

I made one of my first projects using Tynker. In this project I used a tutorial, if you click on any of the cupcakes it will play a note. This project was harder than my scratch project. I thought it was fun but I got confused with the directions when following the tutorial. I thought this project was cool how each cupcake can play a different note. I got a little stressed when doing this since I didn’t understand the directions but in the end I was happy with what I created. You could pick any sound you want the cupcakes to play and you could choose which thing you wanted to play noise. Over all I enjoyed this project, and maybe in the future I will try to make sure i’m following the instructions correctly.

scratch #1


Today I used scratch, scratch is a coding website. This is my scratch project. This project wasn’t very hard because I followed a tutorial. In my scratch project a kitten and a dog iracing, if you press the right arrow key they will both move, the kitten wins the race the kitten is supposed to say yay because it won and have it typed in a speech bubble. it didn’t work I don’t know why. Next scratch project I will try to challenge myself more. I like how you can get creative on scratch like you can pick your sprites which means a character on scratch. You can also pick your backdrop which is your background. You can drag codes to code your sprites. I made a different project on scratch but i wasn’t signed in so it didn’t save, I also forgot my username and password. I really liked doing this project, and look forward to doing more scratch projects.

Blog post 7

Hello everyone,

We succeeded!!! this project took a lot of group collaboration we were a group of three. We had to comprise. In the end we were happy we compromised because it lead us to success.

We edited the videos on i movie. Editing wasn’t that hard I thought it was the easiest part. The hardest part was trying to get a success.

Overall i thought this project was really fun but included a lot of hard work. We did get frustrated though, like setting up the dominoes, we switched it to jenga blocks.

We got 5-15 fails and 2 successes. We got about 8 fails before we changed our Rube Goldberg steps. We got about 7 fails after that. We kind of got a success but we tried again to see if we would get a better success.

this is our video