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Rocket Presentation

Today we had our rocket presentation. Our group did pretty well.  Today is 11/30/17. The parents came at 8:45 am to see the presentations. We had to practice a lot. A lot of people where nervous I wasn’t as nervous as other people.

For our first rocket we didn’t know what we should do because we haven’t made one yet. After our first launch we started knowing how to do it better. After every launch we had to graph it. We made our rockets out of paper and Styrofoam we used fins,body and nose cone. We had some arguments on the first rocket. We wanted our rocket to be perfect. We would fight about who’s graph we should use, we all wanted to use our own graph.

For our slides we had no clue on how to do them. We started out with the tittle slide and went on from there. We started doing the designing slides. After that our teacher Mrs. Edwards gave us a sheet of what slides we need to include we went on from there and then added an extra slide which was a photo slide. After we finished all out slides we realized that we had to many animations and it was to much so we got rid of the some of them and made it more consistent.

Watch our video to see how we did

My Colonial Book Reflection

I liked writing my colonial book. It took a lot of work to write it. First you had to learn about the colonial time. You had to read books and articles and stuff like that. Then we had colonial day. After colonial day we got to pick a topic that we wanted to research on. We had to read books about our topic and Find information online. We had to start organizing our chapters and then start writing. We took a long time revising and making the book we made sure the books were really good.

Colonial day was so fun. We got to experience how it was in colonial times. We churned butter, carded wool, spun, make candles, do Stenciling, going to dames school, Learning the music, do the job of a tinsmith and we ate what people ate in colonial times. Doing all that work was a lot though. Dames school was really easy for the girls but hard for the boys because the believed that the boys go to collage and and the girls just do the work in the house.