May 7

My practice essay

Hello! My name is Kara and I’m going to teach you about a animal I love. Dogs! What you’re going to learn about dogs is: What breeds there are, the best dog food and the things you need. Now, lets learn!


Do you know how many dog breeds there are? There are lots of breeds. I will name some. There are the American Staffordshire Terriers, Bichon Frises, Labrador Retrievers, poodles, pugs, shih tzus, Yorkshire Terriers, boxers, Bulldogs, chihuahuas, cocker spaniels, Brittany spaniels, Collies, German Shepherds, DachShunds, Golden retrievers, Pomeranians, Shiba Inus, Huskies, Japanese chins and much more.


You should have lots of care for your dog. I will make a list of things you need to take care of your dog. First before you get a dog you should buy the supplies. The first thing you should buy is food and bowls. In my next paragraph I will write some food recommendations. Buy 2 bowls for food and water. Next buy the bed, some toys, treats,

Clothes, a harness and leash, dog diapers (Optional but recommended for puppies), a collar, and maybe some shoes.


The best dog foods I can recommend are really good. Here are some recommendations for big dogs:

  1. Nature’s Domain

You can buy nature’s domain at Costco. It has really big circle dried kibble pieces that are great for big dogs.

  1. Blue Buffalo And Blue Wilderness

You can buy this at local pet stores like

Petco, petsmart, pet goods, and more. It is full of nutrition and is perfect for your dog.

  1. IAMS

It will keep your dog healthy everyday! (IAMS is also for small dogs.

  1. American Journey

HAs a mix of chicken and carrots. Very healthy.


That’s all I have for today. I hope you learned something new! Bye!

March 25

Rare Hoodwinker Sunfish found on California Beach!

Title: Rare Hoodwinker Sunfish Found On California Beach

Source: Dogo News

Article Date: March 22, 2019

Summary: In California, a 7 foot hoodwinker sunfish washes up on the beach .   This fish can be found in tropical waters. Hoodwinkers have never been found in North America.  Marianne Nyegaard suspected the washed up fish was a Hoodwinker.  When the clear pictures came through, they knew it was a Hoodwinker.  It took 3 years to figure out it was a new species.

Personal response: I chose this article because I thought it was cool that they found a rare 7 foot Hoodwinker sunfish. I hope you enjoyed my current event.

March 19

My Restaurant Review!

Looking for something new and delicious? Then try Noodles plus! The address is  245 Main St Suite B, White Plains, NY 10601. The hours are: Monday-Thursday: 11:00am-9:00 pm Friday-Saturday: 11:00am-10:00pm Sunday: 12:00am-9:00pm. The space is a may be small but, it it’s very comfortable! The bathrooms need keys that you can get from the front cashier. The bathrooms are clean.

Even though it’s called Noodles+, doesn’t mean it only has noodles! It has all the traditional Vietnamese food too! If you like noodle soup then try the pho (F-u-h) noodles! I certainly love the pho (F-u-h) noodle soup! The noodles are moist and soft and it has a flavor that tastes so good your mind will burst! The pho noodles also come with 2 more things: beef or pork, and soup! The beef is cut into thin pieces and is super soft and moist. The soup has this overflowing flavor that just, catches your attention! If you like veggies, and crunchy things, then try spring rolls! I also love the spring rolls! The spring rolls have a crunchy outside that has lots of flavor. The inside has lots of veggies, sometimes they even have noodles in them! Want a good dessert? Then try bubble tea! The bubble tea has tapioca bubbles which are black, chewy balls that are sweet. The tea is basically milk tea with flavors.

You should really try noodles+! I’ll say it’s not my last time there! I’d give it a 5 stars.


February 13

Current event

Title : China welcomes the year of the pig!

Source: Dogo News

Article Date: January 31, 2019

News Type: World


summary : On February 5, many people will celebrate Chinese New Year. This includes 15 days of spending time with family. Some sweep their house to keep bad luck away. There are many traditions for the New Year in China such as, the dragon dance, the ribbon dance, the lantern festival & more! Every year is a zodiac from the 12 animals. The 12 zodiacs are,  The rat, the ox, the tiger, the rabbit, the dragon, the serpent, the horse, the ram, the monkey, the rooster, the dog, and the pig.  On Chinese new year red envelopes are giving to the children and in return, The children wish them good  health.


Personal response     I chose this article because I wanted others to learn about this Chinese tradition.

February 5

Being the youngest is not fun

  Being the youngest is NOT fun.


1.Being the youngest is NOT fun because, you get picked on , you don’t get as many privileges, and you get less attention.


  1. One reason being the youngest is NOT fun is that you get picked on, You get picked on because the other kids think you are weak. For example, when I was 3, my older cousin who was 7, he wanted to see how strong I was, because he thought I was weak but, I wasn’t so, he told me too punch his nose, and I did. Apparently, I punched so hard that I gave him a bloody nose. I proved him wrong that I was NOT weak. When you get picked on, they expect you to cry or tell on them. When kids pick on you, they might use techniques such as, choking, punching, bullying behavior, kicking, and you get the point. That’s why being the youngest is NOT fun.                                           
  2. Another reason for why being the youngest is NOT  fun is because you don’t get as many privileges. You don’t get privileges to stay up late, get a phone until you’re 10 well for me that is the rule you. You don’t get to stay up late because you have to get “rest” for the next day, even if it is 7:00 pm! I mean, like, why can’t we sleep at 8:00 pm or something?  I know that parents like to sleep in on the weekends but, letting the older kids stay up late? I mean, come on! That’s not fair at all! Anyway, not letting some kids get phones until they’re 10 is totally NOT fair. It’s not fair because

– some people are responsible

-they kinda need a phone in case of emergencies like when they’re lost         

-they need to have entertainment

The last reason being the youngest is NOT fun is because you get less attention. You get less attention because your parents spend so much time with you when you were younger that they want to spend time with your siblings (if you have any,  which in my case I do) and not me.

  1. You mostly get less attention because they don’t spend enough time with your siblings.

     People should care because if you are the youngest and you want to know why you get less attention or why you can’t get a phone then you should read this because this has most of the answers. All I want you to know is that being the youngest is NOT fun.


February 4

Colonial America

In the article “Colonial America” the main idea is that Colonial times were hard. It was hard because the natives lifestyles were different than europeans. There were many tribes with their own languages, yet, they all had deep respect for land. Lots of the tribes made peace treaties with the europeans. Africans were slaves to the spanish they had to work as carpenters, blacksmiths, bakers, and weaver. Colonial times must’ve been hard with all the colonies.

January 10

The important thing about Henry Hudson

The important thing about Henry Hudson is that he was an


His goal was to find the North West passage and the North East passage.

On his first voyage he got blocked by ice.

He sailed in the Hudson River. The boat he sailed on was called the Half Moon.

He sailed 4 voyages and on the 4th voyage he sailed up a  river and the river was named after him The Hudson River.

Henry Hudson got left adrift on his boat.

Nobody knows what happened to him or when he died. But the important thing about Henry Hudson is that he was an explorer. Image result for henry hudson

December 18

Say NO to hunters!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Who here loves animals? Well I certainly do. Don’t you wish that animals will be alive forever? Well, here come the party poopers. The party poopers are hunters. Hunters all around the world kill animals sometimes for food, and sometimes for no exact reason. These animals shouldn’t have to go extinct because of hunters. Animals were actually here before us. When we came along we were just taking up there land. We should stop hunters from being mean and make them be nice because animals gave us some of their land. So in return we should treat them with respect and not bother them. Say NO to hunters!!!

December 18

Hello world!

       Hello World!


I’m back! My name is Kara and I’m 9 years old. I have a 13 year old brother and a 6 year old dog. I am the youngest in my extended family.


My favorite animals are big cats & dogs. I HATE bugs/insects (especially spiders). My favorite color is hot pink.


My favorite things to do are bake, take care of animals of all kinds (except bugs/insects), paint, read, blog, and play in the snow. I love to play the video game . I am obsessed with cotton candy. If you like the things I like then this is the blog site for you.


See you on my next post!