I Plan a Newspaper Article

Feeling great about becoming a newspaper writer? Well today in our not-so-new feature article unit, we began to plan out what our article was going to look like. No idea what I’m talking about? Can’t blame you. Let’s take a large step back.

We all were assigned partners, to begin with. My partner and I looked at each other and were like, “yeah, we’re doing security.” Not really, but we settled on security anyways. So we had began worked on these boards and they had post-its on them, but the problem was the post-its kept on falling off every once in a while, so recently our computer teacher was like “Here, you can also plan it on Google Slides,” and the whole class was like “Sweet.”

So back to where we started. We began to plan what our article would look like and it looks pretty good, like those real newspaper that only talk about politics but with a slightly different layout.

So that’s where we are on now, and we’re probably going to begin writing after we finish planning the second and last page.

Now I’m going to write about feelings. Just a small head start.

I’m liking this whole project mostly except for the fact that it involves a lot of slow movement but whatever, it’s enjoyable. Also, we don’t have to work on our non-fiction reading as much so I’ll take it.

So maybe I’ll make another post but don’t expect too much out of me. Bye.

Rocketry Reflection Launch #2

On Friday the 18th of October, we launched for the second time but with 3 fins instead of four. This was launch #2 of Apollo 20, and I’m going to talk about that.

Our launch 1 was OK but not too good so we set our ambitions higher and decided to subtract a fin in hopes it would be lighter. Even if it was made mainly out of paper, lighter is usually better. Our first launch went 25.5 meters high. That was pretty good, but we wanted it to be better. So we subtracted a fin and hoped it would go even higher, and on the day of the launch, we all had high hopes.

On the day of the launch it was very windy and cloudy. We were doing the same order, which meant that we were second up. we were about to launch when…

The wind started blowing hard again and our rocket popped up a mere 13 meters, and we were all depressed.

I think that our rocket would have gone higher if not for the bad conditions outside, which means that our rocket had potential. If one day there was a chance we could re-launch I think we should tell for sure if it would have gone a good height or not. We learned a lot about working as a group and I wish we could do it again. Apollo 20 was totally a success because it was great, and I hope you agree.


First Launch Reflection

On October 4th, 2019 Apollo 20 (that’s us!) launched their first rocket in the afternoon. It worked. Really well. After that launch, I thought about the things that happened to make this launch so successful.

The first part of our rocket design was the research. You have to know about rockets to build them (fun fact). The research I did helped a lot with design choices that  we made about our rocket. For example, the reason we decided our fins would be straighter up and our nose cone would be straighter up was to reduce the wind resistance on it, and I would not have thought of it if it were not for that research.

The next step was to practice using the tools. That part was pretty fun. We went into our wing and all took turns using the clinometers (these would take the angle of the rocket in the sky from 50 meters away) to practice with them. That was very fun and it was very much like playing laser tag. The learning of how to use the trundle wheel was not as useful because it’s a pretty basic tool and I feel that we went over it once too many times (we went over it twice) but I suppose some people forget which is fine.

I was assigned the countdown for the actual launch, which was fun because you get to scream to the clinometer groups “CLINOMETERS, READY?” I wanted to say “Are you ready to roll?” but I feel Mrs. Robert would not want that. Everyone in my group was good at their assigned jobs. Our rocket launched pretty high which I was proud of, but as I was clapping and watching the rocket came down fast and landed 3 feet in front of me. Basically, I almost got killed by tape and paper.

Later on when we were clinometer people I kept my clinometer on the rocket and stopped at the highest point. That was my strategy for capturing moving objects, and it was pretty good. I caught the rocket at 33 degrees.

I think that if we decided to make an even thinner tube, it would go even higher next launch. I also am happy with our decisions at the same time since our rocket went so high.

During the launch I felt so nervous I would screw something up, like say the wrong number. But I did everything about right. When the rocket launched it was surprisingly quiet but then again it was only air pressure. I was so excited when it launched but when the rocket landed about 3 feet in front of me I was shocked.

That was probably one of the best 1st launches ever, so that was an experience that was amazing. What a time to be alive!

Ignite Talk Presentation Reflection

Yesterday we presented our Ignites to our parents and I think it went well. Everybody remembered their lines and barely anyone used note cards. I went fifteenth. My strength was one of improvisation. If I forgot the script or went too fast or slow in one part I would cut a line out of what I would say or think of a line on the spot. But the weakness was sticking to the script since I had to make up all these things.

Weinburg Nature Center Field Trip Reflection

On Friday we went to the Weinburg Nature Center. We were there to learn about ecosystems. It was a little boring since the guy was talking for 30 minutes, then he would let us pet the animals for five minutes, then keep on talking. My favorite part was petting the animals because the guy would stop talking and we got to pet animals. I will probably not change anything in my life because I don’t litter at all. The bus ride home was bumpy but short. We got to eat lunch there, and after we got to school we got to have our recess.

King George: What Was His Problem Reflection

I am thinking about the outcome of the American Revolution if the Americans lost the Battle of Saratoga since we just read about it in King George: What Was His Problem? and if there would be the North American Republic or something like that. Or we might be in the British Commonwealth and probably would not have Texas, Arizona, New Mexico, and south California since the Mexican-American War would not have happened and the Spanish-American War might not have happened so Puerto Rico would be Spanish instead of American.

So would we be an empire spanning across North America? Or would we be the independent colonies all being their own country, and the North American continent being divided? It’s all kind of a big thing to wonder about.

American Revolution Political Cartoon

This is a political cartoon about the Boston Tea Party.

I made this as a part of the American Revolution unit, and I chose to do the cartoon about the Boston Tea Party because it was easy to make funny. The point of view is a Loyalist and the deeper meaning is that the Patriots are not very smart but you can look as it as a joke too. You might need to zoom in a little but the guy is telling the other that this is New York, not Boston.

My political cartoon about the Boston Tea Party.

American Revolution #1

We began researching the American Revolution, and what I am most interested in learning about is the Battle of Bunker Hill. The reason I want to know more is because I don’t know who REALLY got the victory there. I mean, I know the Americans inflicted 1,000 casualties but the British took the fort. But the British would say they won since they took the fort but the Americans might argue that they had less casualties, and if I know more I can decide for myself who won.





















Colony Reflection

We made posters for our colonies, to promote our colonies in Europe. While making this poster I learned that people in Europe would probably be poor and looking for somewhere to go. And when we were building the actual colonies I learned that the landscape makes a much bigger impact on the colony than I thought it would, since we also needed to make sure our colony was able to get water and food (But since we were New England we could just make a port since lots of their food was imported).

My poster connects to my colony since in New England lots of people were looking for a new start, and my poster said “A New Start in New England” on the top. And since New England trades a TON, the bottom says “Jamesville: The Trader’s Dream”. Plus, as you can see the photo looks old-timey.

Read Aloud Reflection – Wonder – 4

Today we finished Wonder and what stayed with me is when Auggie’s mom says “You are a wonder.” This just holds on to me because it is just beautiful and kind. What also stayed with me is when Auggie won the Henry Ward Beecher prize because it was so nice, everyone applauding and cheering. It was a great read, the last part. I really enjoyed reading Wonder and it’s a great book in the whole.