Rube Goldberg -part 2

   Today I met with Ally, Caitlyn, and Barbara. Today we were talking about that kind a project we’re going to do. We had three ideas on what the machines going to do, The first one was Rolling a dice, this was Caitlin’s idea. The second one was , Opening a door. We figured that my door was too heavy to open. Our third idea was, feeding my puppy pebble,But we are working in the basement , and she is not allowed there, this is Barbara’s idea. We are still thinking of other ideas.

One thought on “Rube Goldberg -part 2

  1. I think you should not start with “Today I met with Ally,Caitlyn, and Barbara” because you started with that in your first blog post. You also could be more descriptive and not just talk about your steps. You should also describe your steps a lot more then just talking about them. There are also some grammar and spelling mistakes you should look for. Overall I think you should put more effort into this blog post.

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