Bottled water V.S Tap water (debates)


I think the bottled water V.S tap water did a Great job but could have done better. The first bottled water the group was Me, Dani, And Avery. The first tap water group was Kate, and Barbara. Barbara had went to break early so, the tap water group had to switch people  so,the new tap water group was Kate and me,and the new  bottled water group was Avery and Dani.I think we did great on focusing ,and cooperation.We could have done better by not switching groups.

Rube Goldberg-Part 1

Yesterday I met with Ally, Barbara, And caitlyn.At caitlyn’s house,we were deciding on what materials you were going to use. We are going to use train tracks, marbles blocks, plastic tubes, toilet paper rolls, dominoes, wooden spiral, and magnet blocks.

Rube Goldberg-Part 6

Yesterday morning me and my group started filming. Barbara had to go home early so , Ally ,Kaitlyn, and me Took turns filming. I thought the filming was a bit hard because we used my iPad to film and it was very heavy. After we finished filming, we started to edit video on wevideo. We couldn’t finish the whole thing and Barbara was not there, so we gave the iPad to Barbara. I couldn’t meet with Barbara because I’m sick, so I FaceTime Her and talk to her about what we were going to do about it. We had originally done it on Wevideo but Barbara had done it on iMovie, so she transferred the videos to iMovie and put the video together again.

Rube Goldberg-Part 5

I had a sleepover with Kaitlyn Allie and Barbara. Because my brother was sick We could not meet at my house my House so we had to bring my project to Caitlin’s house this time, The reassembling was very easy because the whole thing was taped and I was holding it in the car so it wouldn’t break.At Kaitlyn’s house after finishing reassembling the project, we made a chart on what we thought would happen. My guess what is 20 fails,and one success . We actually made six fails and two successes, my guess was very off.

Rube Goldberg-Part 4

My group and I met a few days ago, we met at Ally‘s house and brought our simple machine. We weren’t done with our machine , But when we brought it to Ally‘s house our structure broke. So next time we meet we have to rebuild our structure, test our machine, and film our Rube Goldburg simple machine task. Me and my group think that we will meet twice more and we would finish the project.