Coding Project #3

This is my first time making a game on scratch. I did not know how to use it once so I had to use a tutorial for the scratch pong game. If I had a choice to use tinkerer scratch, I would probably choose tinker because , Tinker explains how to make the Game or video more specifically.

Coding project-#2

On this drawing pusheen project, I want to do something different from my other Valentine’s Day coding Game . So I decided on doing a drawing pusheen the cat video. I did not know how to do it so I looked at a tutorial to learn how to do it on Tynker. Again, I did not know how to do it and scratch so are used Tynker.If I had more time to do this drawing video, I would Have made it a different character , and not use a tutorial from Tynker. I would like to make a better coding thing next time.


Coding project-#1


On this Valentines coding project, I thought it be nice for for Valentine’s Day because I created it on the day before Valentine’s Day ,February 13. This Tynker is a game, and you are supposed to look for a pink heart out of all the other colorful hearts . I like this project but I would like to do something that is not a game for my next coding project.I used tynker for this project because I thought it would be better than scratch. I tried to do a game on scratch but I failed completely.