Hana’s I am from poem



This is my i am from poem, An I am from poem is a poem based on your childhood and past. My poem is about important things, people, and memories that make me who i am.


     I Am From

By Hana


I am from my American Girl Dolls

That I used to play with when I was young

From Good Night Moon and Pat The Bunny


I am from my apartment in Battery Park City in Lower Manhattan

And my pink room

And my dog Joi


I am from Sesame Street and Peppa Pig

From learning to ride my bike when I was six years old


I am from my parents who like to run long distance

From my father’s tortoise, Francoise, who lived for forty years

And from my mom reading to me since first grade


I am from praying and thanking God every night

I am from my delicious Thanksgiving dinner


I am from my great grandfather Walter Beam who is 101 years old

From my grandmother Rosamonde Beam

And my grandfather David Drabkin


I am from the moments that make me who I am today


I am Hana `



capstone #1

           This week we started project called Capstone, My project is architecture . I chose architecture because I don’t know a lot about it, And I want to learn more about it.My idea is What makes Architecture interesting and how can it be improved?. I thought that this idea was good because, it includes two questions in one. This is why I chose my question, What makes Architecture interesting and how can it be improved?