Ellis Island School Trip



Today, the whole fifth grade went to Ellis Island.I thought it was really great because we got to see the place where  more than 12 million Immigrants from all over the world traveled to From 1892 to 1954.Ellis Island is located In New York Harbor ,The drive to Ellis Island from Scarsdale Westchester  took about an hour and a half.When we got to Ellis Island we got to The first floor with our group .The first floor Had things like, trunks that the immigrants used a long time ago and ,A globe that shows where the Immigrants traveled. After that, We went to the second floor. the second floor was Called The Great Hall,It is called the Great Hall because it is very big  and Grand. I thought it was very cool to be able to go to the Great Hall because we got to see where the people who came before us went to. After that, we watched a movie about people interviewing immigrants. I thought it was interesting because a lot of the immigrants said that they would rather die than go back to their country , this shows that they really didn’t want to go back to their country.This is Why I thought that Ellis Island was really  great. overall I thought it was a great trip,If I have the chance to go there again I would want to go back!


city,I thought that it was really fun. I Thought it was fun because because I got to ask a lot of question .the questions i asked were,

Basic questions about clefts:

  • Around how many people are born with clefts per year?
  • What is the global population of people with clefts?
  • What is the cause of clefts?
  • What is the average age that people need cleft surgery?
  • Can adults have cleft lip operations?


Basic questions about Smile Train:

  • Can you tell me about the basic history of cleft lip surgery, and Smile Train.
  • How many surgeries per year does Smile Train do?
  • How many people work for Smile Train?
  • Why did Smile Train and Operation Smile split?
  • Are Smile Train and Operation Smile now viewed as competitors?
  • How do people find out about Smile Train?


Deeper questions about Smile Train:

  • Can you please talk a bit about the “efficiency” of Smile Train as a charity?
  • What kind of problems/issues does Smile Train face in different countries?
  • Aside from giving money, how can people help Smile Train?
  • Can you tell me something special about Smile Train which can’t be found on the internet?
  • If you could change one thing about the charity what would it be?
  • How has PAACLIP – a branch of the charity- made an impact on Smile Train?

These Are the questions I asked when I went.this is why i thought it was fun.