city,I thought that it was really fun. I Thought it was fun because because I got to ask a lot of question .the questions i asked were,

Basic questions about clefts:

  • Around how many people are born with clefts per year?
  • What is the global population of people with clefts?
  • What is the cause of clefts?
  • What is the average age that people need cleft surgery?
  • Can adults have cleft lip operations?


Basic questions about Smile Train:

  • Can you tell me about the basic history of cleft lip surgery, and Smile Train.
  • How many surgeries per year does Smile Train do?
  • How many people work for Smile Train?
  • Why did Smile Train and Operation Smile split?
  • Are Smile Train and Operation Smile now viewed as competitors?
  • How do people find out about Smile Train?


Deeper questions about Smile Train:

  • Can you please talk a bit about the “efficiency” of Smile Train as a charity?
  • What kind of problems/issues does Smile Train face in different countries?
  • Aside from giving money, how can people help Smile Train?
  • Can you tell me something special about Smile Train which can’t be found on the internet?
  • If you could change one thing about the charity what would it be?
  • How has PAACLIP – a branch of the charity- made an impact on Smile Train?

These Are the questions I asked when I went.this is why i thought it was fun.

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