TED talk final


yesterday I did my Capstone TED Talk presentation in front of an audience. At first I was very nervous and forgot what to say so I was looking at the screen a lot, but  when I started to talk about smiles Train I started to remember what I was supposed to say and Started to remember what to say along the way. I think that I was looking  at the screen too much, hesitating a lot, and stuttering quite a bit. If I Were to do it differently next time, I think I would not try to memorize my speech less and try to learn a lot about the topic I’m doing the speech, ignite, or TED Talk on ,so if I do forget what to say I can talk about the facts that match the pictures on the slides.  So, I think that I did well thinking back. Overall I think that Capstone was a great experience and was really fun. I hope I do more things like this in Middle School. Here is the video:

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