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Colonial Day

I learned so much on Colonial Day! My favorite activity was Dame School because I thought it was cool to learn about what school was like in the 1700’s. I also thought it was interesting the way they punished you when you got something wrong, and how they taught you to read prayers instead of real books. I also liked Tin Smithing because I thought it was cool to make holes through a design, and for it to come out kind of like braille.

One thing I learned about the Colonial times is that people would have a stenciling artist to stencil their walls with milk paint so the bugs that ate away at the wood couldn’t eat away at the wood anymore.

One thing I want to learn more about the Colonial times is the cooking and textiles they did.

Colonial times is different from today by how much work we do vs. how much they did. For example, back in the Colonial times they actually had to spend hours making their butter, and all we have to do is go to the store and buy it.

Overall, I really enjoyed all the activities and thought Colonial Day was really fun.

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