Colonial America Reflexion

The process of this book was long and hard. First, we had to research on regular colonial life for our Chapter 1. We also had to research for Chapter 2, but this time we picked our top 3 choices and our teacher chose our topic out of our 3 choices. Then, we had to write out our chapters 1 and 2. Next, we had to type those chapters. After that, we used our topic research to write our Chapter 3 which is a letter that has to do with your topic. Then, we typed our chapter 3. Next, we wrote our chapter 4 and typed it. After that, we had to type our glossary and bibliography. Last, we had to put in images, captions and finishing touches. That’s how we made our book.

I really liked working on the colonial america books. I especially liked writing chapter 3  because I liked being able to make something up and use history to make it into a letter. I also liked writing chapter 2 because I liked learning about colonial doctors.

The most challenging part of this process for me was researching for my chapter 2 because it was difficult to find anymore information then what I already had.

I learned that I really like to write historical fiction.

If I did this project again, I think I would have tried to find more images because I would like a few more images.

Overall, I really liked writing this book.


4 thoughts on “Colonial America Reflexion

  1. I really liked your book. I liked how you put a question in the end of every chapter. You put a lot of effort in your book.

  2. This book’s blog post was very descriptive. It showed what you did in order. I like colonial doctors to. The book was also very interesting. My favorite chapter was chapter 2. I liked this chapter because it was really cool to learn about the medicine the doctors used, and how they made it. The picture on page 6 helped me understand the colonial hospital, and the caption for that picture was very convenient. I am truly glad I got to read your book!

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