PSA Reflection

In 4th grade, we had to make a video on an ecosystem. First we had to pick our topic. I picked wetlands because I thought they looked interesting. Then we had to do research. The video had to be about Human Impact on our ecosystem. I researched the way humans changed wetland, whether it was good or bad. I had to have enough information to fill the video. We needed to have a 60 second video. After doing all the research we needed to write a script. We had to write a draft of what we would write/say in the video. Next, we had to make a storyboard. A storyboard is a place where you draw what you want your video to look like so you can picture what your video will look like. We had to draw pictures of what we wanted our images in our video to be and add the words from our script. Then, we started the actual video. We had to put in pictures and words. Then, we had to edit. We had to do a lot of editing. When we were done editing, we got to add music. Then we added voice recordings. After that, once we had an adult watch it we finished it!

Overall, I really liked this project. It was fun to create a video on an ecosystem and know that a lot of people may watch it! Even though it was hard work, I thought this project was fun and liked it a lot.

Here is my final piece:


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