Rube Goldberg #2

We still haven’t started building our Rube Goldberg yet, but have completed our first iteration sketch. It consists of 8 steps. Step #1: Push the marble. Step #2: The marble rolls down the curved cardboard tube. Step #3: The marble rolls out of the cardboard tube and rolls onto a binder, it rolls off the binder and falls onto another binder, and rolls down that binder. Step #4: The marble rolls off the binder and through two open notebooks. Step #5: The marble rolls off the notebooks and goes down a slide-like, cut open cardboard tube. Step #6: Marble rolls out of the cut open cardboard tube and knocks over a cardboard box. Step #7: The cardboard box that was knocked down by the marble, knocks down the open chip bag. Step #8:  The chips from the bag fall into the bowl at the bottom. That is our first sketch.

Feb 28, 2019

We are now using a different sketch

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