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In Refugee, the author went back and forth in time to show how different countries were dangerous, but then became safe after a period of time. For example, Mahmoud wants to move to Germany, whereas Josef needs to get away from Germany and wants to move to Cuba, whereas Isabel needs to escape from Cuba and get to the USA. I think the author wants to switch between the stories because he wants to make it easier to link the stories together and it adds a bit suspense…


In the book Refugee, by Alan Gratz, the reason the 3 characters had to flee their homes because of the violence in their countries. They wanted to leave their homes probably because they felt unsafe. All they want is a peaceful, happy and enjoyable life, and their country doesn’t give that to them, so, they want to leave. The character’s reasons for leaving the country are similar, because they are all people escaping violence in their country. The characters reasons for leaving the country are different, because one of them is leaving so their father doesn’t get sent to a concentration camp again. One of them is leaving so their father does not get arrested, and one hasn’t left yet, but I’m pretty sure will, just so he can be safe. Overall, these characters are leaving their countries because of the violence.

Rube Goldberg #7

We finally finished our whole Rube Goldberg project, including our final video. We are so excited! In our video, we included our fails, our sketch and our success. We also included a little skit to introduce our goal; and to make it entertaining. We are super happy with the way it turned out, and I’m super excited to share it with you!

This is our Rube Goldberg!!!! Hope you enjoy!!!!


Rube Goldberg #6

We finally finished our Rube Goldberg! It actually worked! We did fix the last part, but then after that, our beginning didn’t work! So, we played around with that, and finally getting it to work, we tested the whole machine a few times, and then recorded the final video. In the video we are putting together on Wevideo, we are also going to include our fails, like when the beginning wouldn’t work, and when we just started building. I’m so excited to show you the video in the final blogpost!

Rube Goldberg #5

We are looking forward to testing again tomorrow. The one thing we have to fix is the last step. In the last step the car bumps into 2 boxes, the front one filled with chips. The second one to help the chips inside the box fall into the bowl. What’s happening is the chips spill everywhere, instead of into the bowl. We have been trying to make the chips go into the bowl in various different way, but none of them have worked. We are planning to sleep on it and look at it in a fresh perspective in the morning.

Rube Goldberg #4

We have started – and finished building our Rube Goldberg. It was so hard. We built a little, and then tested that part. If that part did not work we tweaked it. We did this over and over again. Eventually, we stopped this strategy and tried building it all without testing every little piece. This worked so much better. After the whole thing was complete, we started testing it. As we tested, we kept on finding and solving problems that stopped our Rube Goldberg from being successful. When one of our tweaks did not work we tweaked it. We went through lots of iterations of the last step, we just could not get it right. We are still testing and tweaking things, but are making steady progress forward…