Passion Project #4

Since the last post I have done quite a bit. In my latest research session (earlier today), I made a vocabulary section in my notebook, instead of researching biology. In total, I have the biology definitions of 15 words. These include: omosis, solute, XYLEM, homogenization, solvent, permeable, membrane, emulsify, lipids, organelles, soluble, insoluble, globules, derivatives and steriods. These have helped me understand the experiments better. Meanwhile, I am almost ready to start the experiments. All I need to do is get the stuff I need and I can get started. Some of the experiments involve volunteers, so I have to recruit volunteers, but that shouldn’t be to hard. During the experiments, I will make charts and record my observations in my notebook for each experiment. I will include my observations in my final project. I am extremely excited to start the experiments and will update you continuously over the next week or so!

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