Passion Project #5

I got all of my materials! I also did three of my experiments. I did gummy bear omosis, observing xylem in celery and observing homgenization. In gummy bear omosis, I left a gummy bear in saltwater, a gummy bear in freshwater, a gummy bear in no water, overnight. The saltwater gummy bear was bigger than the no water gummy bear, but smaller than the freshwater gummy bear. The gummy bears in the water are fizzy on top. The freshwater gummy bear is slimier than the saltwater gummy bear (saltwater gummy bear is stiffer that the freshwater gummy bear). I learned a lot from this experiment, and it was super fun! In my 2nd experiment, observing xylem in celery, I left celery in red water overnight to see the path the water took up into the celery stalk. I noticed that the bottom started to get red, but I did not see anything else until I opened the celery. When I opened the celery there was a thin red line running through it. I really enjoyed this experiment! In observing homogenization, I put a drop of food coloring in milk and touched dish soap adjacent to that. I noticed that the dish soap exploded when I touched the dish soap to it. Overall, I really enjoyed these experiments and learned a lot from them!

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