Passion Project #6

Today I did my biggest experiment, does color affect taste? In the experiment, I poured apple juice into six cups. One third of the apple juice I dyed blue, one third I dyed green and one third I dyed red. I had two volunteers. They were each given three cups, one of each color. The cups were labeled A, B or C. A for blue, B for green and C for red. The volunteers were told to taste each cup with a sip of water in between each sip. They could taste each cup as many times as they liked in the time span of two minutes. Both volunteers liked A the best, and C the least. One of the volunteers said that she thought C was the strongest and B was the mildest. They both thought the the cups tasted very similar. Overall, this experiment was so fun for me and I learned so much from it!

One thought on “Passion Project #6

  1. Interesting findings! Were your volunteers tested at the same time? If so, do you think that might have influenced the results? Were the volunteers similar in age? Keep up the good work Kate!

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