Immigration Spark Video

Geography: I learned what geography really is/means. I also learned how widespread Immigration really is. I learned that many immigrants came to the US because big companies needed their labor to build railroads. I learned that a lot of immigrants came to America for the Gold Rush.


History: I learned a lot about the push and pull factors of the history of immigration and about the details that went into those factors. I learned that some immigrants came to America for more food and some because their voices weren’t being heard in society.


Economics: I learned that land=money and that most immigrants are very hardworking. I also learned that the US wouldn’t be the same if immigrants hadn’t come. I learned that immigrants mostly created their own businesses because no one wanted to hire them. I learned that immigrants had a bad reputations. I learned that illegal immigrants were shot if they tried to come into the country.


Civics: I learned that civics played a super big part in immigration. I also learned that most immigrants weren’t familiar with the idea of democracy. I also learned that many people came to America because we had better laws. I learned that laws were passed to keep immigrants from doing certain things or even entering the country. I learned that if you wanted to come to America you had to be healthy and strong. I learned that a lot of immigrants were sent away because of disabilities and illnesses.

Overall, I learned a lot from all of these presentations!

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