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Capstone #7

We have now presented our capstones to some of the kindergarten and second grade classes. We also presented on camera. It was very nerve racking and kind of scary too. I performed fairly well, and messed up only a few times. It was also an exciting experience, as we had finally finished capstone! I felt relieved when i finished because all of the tension had been building up inside me. When I was actually presenting, I was thinking very carefully about what I had to say, especially the parts where I usually have trouble. I tried to be relaxed, but it was extremely hard. I was a little more relaxed at the live performance. Overall I really enjoyed capstone, and learned so much from it. It was such a fun project!

Capstone #6

I finally finished my presentation! I learned so much from just putting it together. I learned how to choose the right pictures that fit with my presentation. I learned how to get clear picture that make sense. I also learned to get pictures with not a lot of writing. I learned how to put images from the internet into my slideshow. The hardest part was finding a good picture for slide 5. I tried 3 different images before I found the right one. My main problems were that the picture either was too stretched out when I put it on the slide or the picture had too much writing. This was very frustrating as I was looking for a long time before I found the perfect picture. Sometime I found pictures I liked better that the one I had originally picked out. Sometimes the pictures were inappropiate, and that was fairly annoying. Overall I learned so much from the making of the presentation and have had fun, even though it was frustrating at times. Here are all the resources I used in my capstone:

Websites Search Term: vaccines



Ted Talks



You wouldn’t want to live without vaccinations

By Anne Rooney



Capstone #5

I have finally completed my research and answered my main inquiry question (see Capstone 1 and 2). I have learned so much. For instance, I never knew the process to FDA approve a drug. I definitely didn’t know how complex that process is. I also learned a lot about the cons of vaccines. I knew the pros, but not so much the cons. I also learned a lot about the laws surrounding vaccines and how mis-information affects parents decisions about whether or not to vaccinate their child. Overall, I learned so much! I am so excited to take the next step forward and put together my presentation.

Science – Getting Messy!

Today in class, we did a series of experiments. We tested how colored sugar reacted to oil, water, and white vinegar. The liquids were the solvent and the sugar was the solute. First, we had to make the colored sugar by mixing sugar and pink food coloring.

Then, we tested the sugar with the oil. Our hypothesis was: If we mix 1 tsb of sugar with oil, then the sugar will gradually dissolve and color the oil. Our hypothesis was denied. We noticed that there were tiny particles floating and there is a thin layer of pink at the top. We also noted that the sugar was NOT coloring the oil and that most of the sugar was at the bottom.

Next, we tested the water and sugar. Our hypothesis was: If we mix 1 tsb of sugar with water, then the sugar will dissolve and color the water. Our hypothesis was confirmed. The sugar DID color the water and dissolved rapidly. It took a little bit of time, but by the time we came back from lunch, (1hr), it was all dissolved.

Finally, we tested the sugar with white vinegar. Our hypothesis was: If we mix 1 tsb of sugar with vinegar, then the sugar will color the vinegar and partially dissolve. Our hypothesis was confirmed. The sugar did color the vinegar and dissolved rapidly, although not all the way.

Overall, I learned so much from these experiments and had so much fun getting messy!

Capstone # 4

Capstone is still going well. I have done my interview (see Capstone #3). Next, I am going on my site visit. For my site visit, I am going the American Museum of Natural History’s exhibit Inside You. At first I wanted to go to a specialized exhibit on vaccines, but my mom and I couldn’t find any that were still open (or that weren’t in California!) So, we went with this instead. I think we are going to go on Saturday, June 1st. I can’t wait!

My site visit went really well! What happened was I went into the exhibit. There were a lot of people there, as it is open to everyone. I was amazed by the different diagrams and pictures. Even though I have been there before, when I was looking at the exhibit through fresh eyes, I was surprised at how much information there actually was. My mom took picture of the diagrams for me to review later. It was really fun!

I learned so much from this! Instead of learning about vaccine, I learned about the immune system and about microbes and that helped me understand the science behind vaccines better. It was really cool to look at this exhibit with fresh eyes and to learn so much from it!