Capstone # 4

Capstone is still going well. I have done my interview (see Capstone #3). Next, I am going on my site visit. For my site visit, I am going the American Museum of Natural History’s exhibit Inside You. At first I wanted to go to a specialized exhibit on vaccines, but my mom and I couldn’t find any that were still open (or that weren’t in California!) So, we went with this instead. I think we are going to go on Saturday, June 1st. I can’t wait!

My site visit went really well! What happened was I went into the exhibit. There were a lot of people there, as it is open to everyone. I was amazed by the different diagrams and pictures. Even though I have been there before, when I was looking at the exhibit through fresh eyes, I was surprised at how much information there actually was. My mom took picture of the diagrams for me to review later. It was really fun!

I learned so much from this! Instead of learning about vaccine, I learned about the immune system and about microbes and that helped me understand the science behind vaccines better. It was really cool to look at this exhibit with fresh eyes and to learn so much from it!

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