Capstone #6

I finally finished my presentation! I learned so much from just putting it together. I learned how to choose the right pictures that fit with my presentation. I learned how to get clear picture that make sense. I also learned to get pictures with not a lot of writing. I learned how to put images from the internet into my slideshow. The hardest part was finding a good picture for slide 5. I tried 3 different images before I found the right one. My main problems were that the picture either was too stretched out when I put it on the slide or the picture had too much writing. This was very frustrating as I was looking for a long time before I found the perfect picture. Sometime I found pictures I liked better that the one I had originally picked out. Sometimes the pictures were inappropiate, and that was fairly annoying. Overall I learned so much from the making of the presentation and have had fun, even though it was frustrating at times. Here are all the resources I used in my capstone:

Websites Search Term: vaccines



Ted Talks



You wouldn’t want to live without vaccinations

By Anne Rooney



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