Monthly Archives: November 2019

Technology – Post #3

In technology yesterday, we did an experiment about how effluvia (static electricity) moves a piece of tinfoil inside a jar. In the experiment, we rubbed a plastic stick on wool. This transferred the electrons from the wool to the plastic. Then you take the stick, and put it close to the rod attached to the tinfoil. Since the rod was also filled with electrons, the electrons in rod went to the tinfoil, since electrons don’t like each other. Then the tinfoil moved because the electrons were trying to get away from each other. Overall, I really liked this experiment!

Technology – Post #2

In tech we played breakout. The object of the game was to unlock the box with the safety glasses in it. We had work as a team to find clues, and then decipher the clues to find out the code for the locks. Our group was at first mystified by the clues, but then, after a hint from Mr. Calvert, we understood the clues and began to read between the lines. When we finally got it open, we got started on the mystery box. And we got that open too! Overall, this was a really fun day in tech!