Monthly Archives: December 2019

Technology Post #6

In tech, we made switches. I made a duct tape switch. A duct tape switch is when you put two pieces of cardboard side by side on a piece of duct tape with a small gap in between. Then, you put a little more tape so it is stronger. After that, cut two pieces of tinfoil, and put one on the first piece of cardboard, and one on the second. Finally, plug wires into the tinfoil, and close your switch. Te LED light attached to the wires should light up. If it does, your switch works! I also decorated mine with pom poms. Here is a picture of my switch…










Technology Post #5

In tech, I finished my pendant. I left off saying I was putting it together, right? Anyway, after I put my pieces together, I soldered. I was kind of scared, because The soldering iron gets up to 842˚ F, and I didn’t want to burn myself. It was really cool! There was liquid metal oozing out of the iron, but almost as soon as it hit air, it dried, and was not hot anymore!! Overall, I really liked doing this, and am proud of what I made.




Technology Post #4

In technology, we have been working on wire pendants. This basically means that we are making jewelry out of wires. This is our first real project! The first thing we did was brainstorm designs. Our designs had to have only 5 wires, because we are just beginning. We made 15 designs, all of them were different. Then we picked the one we wanted to make. I chose a simple sunset design. The second thing we did was we made our circles that we were going to put our design in. We did this by using a cylinder made out wood, to wrap them wire around and create a perfect circle. Then, we very tightly wrapped the remaining wire around the wire we didn’t touch before. Overall, I am super excited to continue working on this project!