Monthly Archives: January 2020

Technology – Post 10

Finally, I have finished my flashlight. I decorated it, and assembled it. Now, I have started making a set of doll furniture, including a red and green popsicle stick table, gold-colored cardboard benches, a multi-colored sofa, and maybe even a gold and pink bed! I am also probably going to make 2 pipe-cleaner people to accommodate the furniture. In that case, I will make 2 beds! Anyway, this will be my last post, because tech is ending soon, but I will update this post as I finish my doll furniture. Any updates will be in a different color. Overall, I am so excited to finish this project, but also sad, because tech is ending soon. Bye!

Technology – Post #9

In tech I finished my sketch. I cut, stripped, and soldered my circuit. I cut a PVC pipe for my my flashlight. Let me explain to you how I did this. First off, soldering the circuit. When I solder, I am melting metal together. This is strong bond, but will break if you don’t put enough solder on, or pull it apart. To solder, we wear safety glasses, and use a soldering stick, or a piece of wire, to get the solder going. You can’t apply to much, otherwise it will go into your battery, and you have to get a new one. Now, cutting the PVC pipe. To cut the PVC pipe, you use a saw. One partner holds the pipe so it won’t move, and the other one saws! Overall, I am so excited to finish my flashlight!

Technology – Post 8

In tech we started to draw our flashlights! First I drew the 45˚ angle pipe that the light comes out of. Then I drew the tripod on the bottom, with all the caps. A little more on why I decided to design my flashlight the way I did. I figured that you would be able to stand it up, but also be able to carry it. I also drew my circuit. The light is coming out of the 45˚ angle pipe, and the switch is in the back. Overall, I am so excited to keep working on my flashlight!

Technology – Post 7

Today in tech, we learned how to draw items to scale. We learned the scale we were working with. Our scale was that one square was .25”. We did a lot of practices, where we measured a PVC pipes and then drew them to scale. Then we started brainstorming our flashlight idea. I wanted to do a tripod on the bottom with a 45˚ angle pipe on top, with the light coming out from the 45˚ angle.