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Technology – Post #3

In technology yesterday, we did an experiment about how effluvia (static electricity) moves a piece of tinfoil inside a jar. In the experiment, we rubbed a plastic stick on wool. This transferred the electrons from the wool to the plastic. Then you take the stick, and put it close to the rod attached to the tinfoil. Since the rod was also filled with electrons, the electrons in rod went to the tinfoil, since electrons don’t like each other. Then the tinfoil moved because the electrons were trying to get away from each other. Overall, I really liked this experiment!

Science – Getting Messy!

Today in class, we did a series of experiments. We tested how colored sugar reacted to oil, water, and white vinegar. The liquids were the solvent and the sugar was the solute. First, we had to make the colored sugar by mixing sugar and pink food coloring.

Then, we tested the sugar with the oil. Our hypothesis was: If we mix 1 tsb of sugar with oil, then the sugar will gradually dissolve and color the oil. Our hypothesis was denied. We noticed that there were tiny particles floating and there is a thin layer of pink at the top. We also noted that the sugar was NOT coloring the oil and that most of the sugar was at the bottom.

Next, we tested the water and sugar. Our hypothesis was: If we mix 1 tsb of sugar with water, then the sugar will dissolve and color the water. Our hypothesis was confirmed. The sugar DID color the water and dissolved rapidly. It took a little bit of time, but by the time we came back from lunch, (1hr), it was all dissolved.

Finally, we tested the sugar with white vinegar. Our hypothesis was: If we mix 1 tsb of sugar with vinegar, then the sugar will color the vinegar and partially dissolve. Our hypothesis was confirmed. The sugar did color the vinegar and dissolved rapidly, although not all the way.

Overall, I learned so much from these experiments and had so much fun getting messy!