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Today Monica came in. She taught us how to reuse things, such as tin foil. The 1st assignment was to make something for ourselves out of 1 sheet of tin foil. I made a hat and decorated it in orange marker. Our 2nd assignment was to disassemble the things we made for ourselves (in my case, a hat) and use that to make something for a partner. I made a pair of mittens/hand warmers and again colored them orange. My partner made me a bracelet using tin foil and some very bad play-doh. Note: In the end we had to disassemble the items we made. Our 3rd assignment was to make some sort of tool that could pick up/sort bottle caps and such. This we had to do with only 3 or 4 people. Our 4th and last assignment was to work together in groups of 8 to sort through the bottle caps, etc. Within our groups we paired up into 2’s. Each pair created a tool with 3 pieces and were in charge of sorting a specific kind of bottle caps (clear, white, orange…). Overall today was really fun and I learned a lot from this experience.