The Genius Files

I think that Pep lives her life in fear. I think this because she was the one that thought that someone was following her and Coke .I think that Coke and Pep have very different ideas on whats happening to them. I think that Coke thinks that Mya is joking around with him and Pep. I think that Pep is taking this a little more serious then she should because if she worries to much i think whatever is bad thing is happen to them i think Pep can make worse if she worries as much as she is right now. I wonder if Mya will be able to save the twins lives.I think  that something might of happened to Pep that was dangerous so maybe that is why she is fearful. I think maybe what seems like fear to me could be Pep being cautious and looking out for whats best for her and Coke.

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