My last Swim Meet

Hi everyone, today I am going to be talking about something that is very important to me… swimming! I love to swim, it doesn’t matter if I am racing someone or just swimming for fun. I am on a swim team and at the end of the year we have one big swim meet, but before I tell you about my last swim meet I think it is important that you know a swim meet is when you go head to head with another swim team and you race a couple of people. Like I was saying my swim team has one big swim meet at the end of the year which means we race more than one team. This year I was in a relay race and I was swimming two laps Butterfly. A relay race is when there are four people and each person swims a different stroke and you work together to win your race. I was also swimming an individual event which is where you are swimming by yourself, while racing other people. In my individual event I was also swimming Butterfly. I got first in my heat. A heat is like a group and in swimming there are multiple heats, so in my heat or group I got first, but overall I got ninth out of sixteen.Make sure there is someone supervising you when swimming. Down below you will find a video on how to do the stroke Butterfly:

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