Building – Rube Goldberg 3

Dani and I started to  build around the time we started to sketch which was the end of our first meeting and beginning of our second. We started building by making a few different pieces we could use. We made these pieces out of Tinker Toys. The first thing we built was the very last step because that was the step we were 100% sure that would be in the Rube Goldberg. After the last step was built we built the first step because Dani and I figured once we get the first and the last things done then it would be easier. We figured it could be easier because then we could fill in the middle with other cool things  and use the first and last steps as guidelines. We did most the building the second and third day. Since we already had the last and first steps built is was pretty easy because we just built on. All we need to do to finish building is, connect one more thing and figure out what levels things should be on. We think that we work well together and we have gotten pretty far in a short amount of time so we don’t think that it will be much harder to build the rest.  We are excited to learn many other cool things about Rube Goldberg machines.

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  1. bkocsis25
    February 6, 2018 at 3:09 am (11 months ago)

    I really liked this piece but I thought it was more like listing what you did. I thought I liked how you put it together though.


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